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Oct 24, 2012 05:07 PM

Gluten Free in Chicago

I thought I had until Thanksgiving to get this information but am flying out tomorrow morning for a family emergency and not sure how much time i will have to buy things (am taking food with me that should get me through friday). I will not be eating out but takeout would be appreciated if available.

I will be staying downtown and will have a car with GPS. I will have access to a non-kosher kitchen and do have some kosher cooking equipment stored there. I do keep kosher and have celiac. I may be staying with a friend for Shabbos but that is up in the air at this time due to the reason I am going to Chicago.

I am sorry for the late notice. I will check this early tomorrow morning before I go to the airport and when I can get access to a computer while in Chicago. Thank you.

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  1. In case you still see this, the only kosher option downtown is MetroKlub: 733 West Madison Street Chicago, IL 60661
    (312) 602-2104. They are not open on Fridays or the weekend so this would only work for today. Their menu is available on their website.
    There is also a kosher delivery service. I believe that for about $25 they will bring you food from any of the kosher establishments int he city.
    There is now a delivery service available for the downtown area
    and other sections of Greater Chicago.

    Yoni Kirschner

    1. For take-out, there's next to nothing I'm aware of that is gluten-free. Your best bets are to head North on the expressway (I-94) to Skokie (25 minutes if traffic is moderate, longer in rush hours).

      Hungarian Kosher is an exclusively Kosher grocery/deli. Not sure about prepared foods (other than some cold cuts and salads) that are gluten free but it's an easy stop to get to for a meal to assemble yourself. There's a 24-hour grocery not far from there, Jewel on Howard in Evanston, that has a fairly extensive selection of Kosher products.

      1. to add Metro Klub is also only for lunch -

        I agree there is not much Gluten free unleess at the meat places to leave out the bread - for grocery Hungarian's in Skokie and the Jewel on Howard are you best spots -

        This will give you links to the kosher establishments in Chicago -

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        1. re: weinstein5

          Thank you for trying to help. I am planning on cooking from scratch plus I brought several gluten free shelf stable meals from Goldbaum's (was actually tasty although too high in fat) and My Own Meals (edible but definitely not as good as my own cooking).

          I should have posted that I do know the various stores/butcher but....was hoping! My niece suggested that I contact the Sperticus Institute to see if their dining facility can help supplement my cooking.

          I can get access to the web periodically so will check back, probably after shabbos.

          1. re: kosherGlutenFree

            I don't think that Spertus still has their cafe. Good luck either way.

            1. re: lenchik

              You are correct. They closed the cafe and now they only have catering out of the CRC kitchen.

        2. I ended up going to a friend for shabbos in West Rogers Park and she took me to several places to pick up food, Jewel had some prepared food (most did not look safe) but got a rotisserie chicken and things I could easily prepare. Am delayed returning home due to hurricane but will not starve.

          Downtown there was some food available, found fresh chicken in Trader Joe's, if I had wanted there were plenty of cookies at Whole foods. Did not check out the Jewel or Dominick's downtown. Plus I brought several shelf stable meals and cold cereal.

          I will not starve and not feel hungary which at this point was my goal.

          Thank you for the information and next time I may contact Spertus to see if I can order some items so don't have to run around. Plus I have fond memories of previous visits to Romanian & want to get a few items from there but no time this trip.