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Oct 24, 2012 04:33 PM

Aaaand the final question...just a LITTLE bit of cornbread left. What to do???

So I've just had quite the odyssey satisfying my craving for cornbread and greens in a country where many of usual the ingredients (including, well, cornmeal) are not so easy to find. But the endeavor was ultimately successful--my housemates and I were quite pleased with the results!

Here's the problem. I have just a little bit of yummy cornbread leftover. I usually have several options for leftover cornbread--cornbread stuffing (which I can eat as a meal by itself with a salad or some veggie) or crumbling it up and mixing with leftover chili, topping with cheese, and baking in a dish in the oven for "chili pie." But I don't think I have enough left for my usual go-tos. There's probably two servings at most. I could just reheat it in the oven and eat it as is (and I certainly wouldn't complain about this!) but, if I could find a more creative use, that would be nice too. Anyone got one?

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  1. Milk 'N' Bread ....Crumble in a tall glass. Pour milk or buttermilk over it and eat with a spoon.....

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    1. re: Uncle Bob

      Thanks for that, brings back fond memories of my grandfather!

    2. strangely, i like it with a bit of jam and butter for breakfast.
      and also, sometimes i get a can of chili (the only time i ever eat canned chili) and heat it up, and pour all over the corn bread.

      maybe a savory french toast dish? maybe green chilies, bacon, onion on top?

      1. Heat it for breakfast -- eat it with butter and honey.

          1. Toasted with butter and served with a lovely jam.