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Oct 24, 2012 04:29 PM

Please help identify this copper pot pan

Can someone please help me figure out what make this sauce pan is?
it holds about 3.5 qts 8" diameter 4" tall. Has a large cast iron copper rivet handle.
pot weighs 4 lbs 10 oz without lid. Also has a
G stamped on the pot to the right of the handle.
thanks in advance for any information.

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  1. Are there any stampings on the bottom that include the word "Ruegger"? It looks like it could be from the Bazar Francais, a NYC shop that went out of business in the seventies. They were quite well known in their heyday, and you can usually find pieces on eBay.

    1. It's not a Mauviel, is it?

      1. Only mark on the pot is a G stamped in the copper to the right of the handle.

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        1. re: mewilson

          G could be the final inspector.

        2. It looks nice. K will answer soon enough. He has given me, and which I have lost, the URL of the premier copper cookware collector, with a database of maker marks. Offhand only Gaillard comes to mind, buti don't know what their mark is. You could do a quick check.


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            Hi, Rob:

            Not enough information to guess, but with the single-letter mark to the right of the handle, I think it's an owner's or house mark.


            PS: pinehurst got it right--it's Vin Calcut at

          2. Gorham? Probably not. rbraham, are you thinking of ?