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Oct 24, 2012 03:58 PM

Thanksgiving near Mineola?

Have been going for past several Thanksgivings to the 'Ivy Cottage' in Williston Park. Unfortunately, they have closed down and I am looking for a similar, or somewhat larger venue, for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. Is anyone familiar with a good quality place that would fit the bill? Definitely not a large hall, or buffet...preferably somewhere near Mineola. Thanks (and have a nice Thanksgiving!).

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  1. Would this be of any help ? I remember a time when many a family would celebrate here .

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    1. re: scunge

      Thanks, but I was hoping for a somewhat smaller place, and I have heard the food is mediocre at best. Appreciate the response!

    2. According to Open Table, Mitch & Toni's in Albertson, Thyme in Roslyn, La Pace in Glen Cove and Andiamo in Mineola are serving Thanksgiving, among other LI restaurants. All good choices; I might give the edge to Mitch & Toni's.

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      1. re: emarcus

        Thanks much, emarcus! I'll be checking them out!

        1. re: jothoeatslongisland

          Barney's Corner still in Locust Valley ? Where I enjoyed a meal years back .

      2. I've been to Mitch & Toni's before and thought the food and service was great. I drove by Cafe Formaggio today and saw a sign that the are open on Thanksgiving (with limited seating).