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Oct 24, 2012 03:26 PM

Thai or Italian between Issaquah and Redmond for 40 people lunch

Can anyone please help me out....I am taking a group to Seattle to visit a Costco in Issaquah and then to Redmond for a Microsoft tour on Friday, November 9.

I need to find a good Thai or Italian lunch spot between Issaquah and Redmond that can seat 40 people.

Thanks in advance for any ideas...

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  1. Bai Tong might work, They are in a great location for you and have very good Thai food and a private dining option - just not sure if they can hadle 40 - but if you go to about us and the FAQ and the private dining link there is contact information.

    1. Lombardi's in Issaquah should be able to helpo you out in the Italian food category. Pretty tasty stuff.

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        X2 for Lombardi's. Perhaps I am wrong, but it seems to me that when 40 person's meals need to hit the plates at the same time, Italian cuisine is more likely to be at least semi-competently prepared than would Thai.

        1. re: Gizmo56

          I don't know anything about the restaurants, but I'm intrigued by your statement, since I would have gone with the opposite--wheat noodles being so prone to over cooking, cream sauces to congealing, while rice noodles tend to stay sturdier, and the light dressings less likely to glaze over. I'd love to hear your reasoning.

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            Like I said, I could be wrong.

            My reasoning is that it seems easier (to me) to do a cold antipasto appetizer and/or salad course, and then a main that can be easily scaled up (like a baked ziti or penne with red sauce and sausage), followed by a dessert course like tiramisu or cannoli.

            It was just a thought. I recently hosted a banquet style Chinese meal at a restaurant in the International District for about the same number of people which left me wishing we had gone in a different direction. And I have memories from a period of time that I lived in New York of some pretty fine Italian food being offered buffet style.

      2. Thank you for the recommendations....looking into them now...thanks so much.

        1. I don't know if they can host for 40, but if they can, Firenze in Redmond would be a good selection.

          You guys could always just storm Maggiano's, though obviously you'd have to call that an "Italian" lunch, complete with quotations. I see a lot of Microsofties there every time I go, anyways.

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            I've been to Firenze with a group much larger than 40.