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Oct 24, 2012 02:38 PM

Kim Kee Noodle packing them in at old Pho Minh space

The owners of Noodle Cafe (Monterey Park) opened Kim Kee Noodle House in Spring. I've been driving by, watching, and last weekend, found the parking lot absolutely jammed. Literally every spot all the way to the street was taken.

This Kim Kee is unrelated to any Kim Ky (as can be observed in the Chinese name), and is also unrelated to the other Kim Kee near by. The menu is strictly Chiu Chow noodle house; mixed house noodle/mie/fun, etc. is $5.50, extra special is $6.50. The cleanliness alone is worth the $0.25 over Kim Ky. Management as well as waitresses are all trilingual.

A thread on the previous tenant (Pho Diem Hoa) here:

Eater write-up here:

9646 Garvey Ave., Ste 108

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  1. What's Chiu Chow noodles ? I remember there was another joint along Garvey I believe in San Gabriel or Monterey Park though that serve fancy Chiu Chow cuisine with a heavy sideline in shark fin's soup and other pricey delicacies that I believe closed down but I've never tried it.

    Chiu Chow noodles sounds delicious and obviously more reasonably priced. Yeah, I can deal with a quarter upcharge for cleaner surrouindings if the goods are still really good.

    btw, doesn't Sea Harbour have some Chiu Chow influences on its dinner menu, or am i incorrect on that note ?

    thanks. and thanks for the pudate. I do really miss Pho Minh.

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    1. re: kevin

      Chiu Chow moodles google pictorial:

      The fancy (or really, not THAT fancy, if you've seen the exterior and the entrance) Chiu Chow place that closed down was Chuen Hing:

      Seafood Village is Chiu Chow. Seafood Harbor is straight Cantonese. That's how I always categorized it, but someone can contradict that with a reply.

      I am, as is most of S. El Monte, really over the memories of Pho Minh. Pho Filet, Pho Huynh, and Pho Kim have all picked up the slack.