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Oct 24, 2012 02:22 PM

Urgent ! - Omniverous Chow near London Bridge ? Jose ? Pizarro ? Elsewhere ?

Evening all

Meeting friend for dinner tomorrow night whilst staying at London Bridge hotel. She is veggie I am not - looking for good chow of a tapas-y ( or otherwise eclectic ) nature. Someone has recommended the two places mentioned above. Any good - or is there better nearby ?

Needs to be walking distance from London Bridge Tube. Nowhere too flash or silly money. Just a nice chilled out place for a few glasses of wine and some quality chow !

Also wondering if Vinoteca is still any good or if there is somewhere else near Barbican which is better for a decent quick lunch on Saturday ? Lat timei was ther the 'bankers' had descended but hoping it may be quieter at the weekend.

Thanks for any help you can give.

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  1. Both Jose and Pizarro are good - Jose is a tapas bar, you can't book and will eat at the bar, whereas Pizarro is more of a 'restaurant' where you sit at a table, order starter main etc.
    Does your vege friend eat seafood? If not, Jose and Pizarro may be a bit limiting for her.
    Also very good in that area is Zucca for Italian and Magdalen, although may not be the most appropriate for a vege.

    Great place for lunch near the Barbican is the Jugged Hare, and you are very close to Modern Pantry which is excellent. The area is a lot quieter at the weekend.

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    1. re: pj26

      Brilliant, thanks. My friend does eat fish so may got for J or P.

      Is Zucca super pricey ( some Zagat reviews say ) or good value ( Jay Rayner said when they first opened ) ?

      1. re: willowan

        I don't think it's pricey at all - would say good value (but of course value is only a perception that varies from one person to the other!).

    2. We love Jose....but is both popular and pretty tiny - so usually a bit of a squeeze. I haven't yet had the chance to try Pizzaro, but that would be my choice for your dinner needs.

      Look forward to your report whatever you decide!

      1. Has anyone been to the Peruvuan place Titos right near London Bridge Station?
        That mught suit but haven't been myself so can't recommend first hand.

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        1. re: Paprikaboy

          I went once - ceviche was excellent (and very good value).

          Other food was very meh.

          1. re: Paprikaboy

            Aji de gallina is very good, as are the pato en aji (duck with dark savoury and lightly smoky/spicy sauce) and the Seco de Codero (lamb in a coriander sauce - nice herby flavour). Lomo saltado is reliable comfort food. Be sure to ask for the hot sauce - a wonderful combination of tang, smoke and heat.

            Weekend specials are worth checking out. Recent enjoyable dishes: arroz con pollo has an aromatic herb-flavoured rice with chicken; ocopa, potatoes with a tangy creamy sauce flavoured with huacatay/Peruvian black mint.

            1. re: limster

              Hey all

              Well, we tried to go to Jose but it was super rammed.So, we opted for Pizzaro, which was excellent. Lovely room , quality ingredients ( razor clams and especially the octopus ), friendly staff. What more could you ask for ? Puddings. Lovely lovely puddings - especially the one involving yogurt.- implausible though that may seem.

              Also managed to pop into the Jugged Hare ( so thanks to pj26 ) for a quick lunch on Saturday. Lovely pub/resto ( we ate in the bar ). Decent own brand pale ale, lovely medium rare burger. Only down side was that they were a bit tight with the chips ( which came in one of those miniature pans like sauces do in some pretentious steak places ) which was a bit irritating. Would definitely venture back when had more time for drinking, though !

              Thanks all for your tips. Make sure to post if you are ever up Liverpool way !