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Oct 24, 2012 02:15 PM

Help! Stove just died while making tomato sauce! Options?

Need some help with what to do. Was making 12 lbs of tomato sauce on the stove top when the oven came on and wouldn't shut off. Had to hit the circuit breaker. Finding out now that it is a known problem.

I have two crockpots that I can put the sauce in to continue simmering, but have some questions.

1. What temp should I use?

2. Should I put the lid on or not?

3. Any other thoughts?

Thanks so much in advance!

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  1. I do it all the time, just put a towel below the lid so some liquid can escape and the sauce doesn't get too runny (it's not necessary but I like the sauce better that way). It doesn't matter which temperature you use but obviously the lower the longer.

    1. Put the lid on at least until you're sustaining a simmer - some crock pots take a long time to heat up, especially if they're pretty full. Take the lid off if you want to reduce the sauce a bit once the crockpot gets hot. Which temp to use depends on your crock pots, but I'd start on high and then back off if it gets too hot. Stir occasionally. Should be fine. Bummer bout the stove though.

      1. I do mine on low setting to avoid any scorching on edges. Lid on as usual, but that's when I've planned the liquid content for the slow cooker.

        I'm guessing yours is a bit more watery than you'd prefer since you were counting on reducing on stovetop; I don't like lid off because it seems to brown (?oxidize maybe?) the foods more than I'd like. Chowser's towel idea sounds workable as a wick if needed.

        Are you freezing or canning?