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Oct 24, 2012 01:46 PM

The Pind Restaurant - Kingston, NJ

Drove by today and saw a sign out front of the old Charlie Brown's Kingston location - The Pind, opening soon. What's a pind? According to an article online, it means village in Punjabi.

From the write up, The Pind looks to be trying to cater to many interests (dining with "fusion" cuisine, sports bar, nightclub, banquets, etc) to make a go of the huge space.

More info here:

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  1. Usually when restaurants try to be all thing to all people they fail. It is hard enough doing one concept or one cuisine.

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    1. re: BigGeorge

      agreed and that was my first thought as well - this facility has morphed over the years to a size that would be difficult for a restaurant only concept to support.

      We're not big fans of Indian cuisine but there is a large established base of similar restaurants along the route 1 and 27 corridor to New Brunswick.

    2. meh - based on the lengthy description (which included virtually every type of ethnic cuisine in the known universe) I'd guess they are destined for failure. Based on the name, I expect Indian cuisine (not a fan, so I'd pass it by without a second glance) but based on the Facebook description, it's more of an anything goes bar/lounge/restaurant/diner. I give it 6 months...tops.

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      1. re: punkin712

        agree... sounds like another Tusk in the making (Princeton/Skillman restaurant that is not very successful.. lousy food, noisy not good atmosphere, poor service.. restaurant, bar and disco lounge.... ). Do one thing well... rather than 3-5 things sub standard... and the food has to be good...or nothing else really matters

        1. re: ktgshopper

          Tusk also immediately came to mind. They've been open just over a year. We went once. Banquet food served in a banquet hall under the guise of a "fusion" menu. Bar lounge has the ambiance of a flooring/tile store showroom. Mandatory valet parking when they first opened was laughable.

          1. re: ktgshopper

            TUSK closed as of 3/1/13 per their facebook page. No info as to what's coming next. Best incarnations of that location were Casey's (early 90's) and Dakota's (late 90's).

        2. I was driving by on route 27 and saw the sign, and out of curiosity, I stopped in. The place is magnificent, the decor is "High Style" and although it has the name "The Pind" it is not and Indian Restaurant (although I suspect Indian investors) A very knowledgeable gentleman gave me a tour. Based on what I saw, they know what they are doing.... I think the Princeton area will love this place.

          1. To fail -as it will for sure - it has to open.

            Which it apparently may never!
            Heck they finally got the website active (that they advertisied for months before it could even be found)...and it just says "coming soon".

            5 - count them - 5 different themes.

            Even if ONE room was good, the rest would spoil it, and they all spoil each other - I want to go to a "Liquid Lounge" or something with a formal wedding go on on the other side of the wall? And they want me...


            1. Saw the grand opening was covered in the South Brunswick Post.

              Like the posters here, I'm not sure what this restaurant aspires to. Their website lists a massive and confusing menu. I would doubt that they could pull off the dizzying array of stuff (flatbread pizza/lamb chops/pasta primivera, Guava Baby Back Ribs,etc.) that is on the menu.

              Also, they have a Sports Bar which doesn't offer a burger on the menu. Seriously, what Sports Bar doesn't offer a burger?