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Oct 24, 2012 01:16 PM

Input on dinners for a long weekend

Hi everyone, We're planning a long weekend in early November and I'm hoping you all can give me some input on the reservations we've been able to pull so far.

Friday -- either Saison (chef's counter) or Benu
Saturday -- Coi
Sunday -- either Gary Danko or SPQR

I'm leaning towards Saison and SPQR on the days we have two options. Thoughts?

Also, before you say anything -- I know all of these spots are generally similar level/price/etc., and there are a ton of other options, so we plan on roaming for lunch and late night fourth meals to cover a broader range of what the city has to offer, but we're looking for these types of restaurants for dinners.

BTW, it was surprisingly easy to get reservations at all of these places with just two weeks notice...

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Au contaire... SPQR is not similar in level/price, etc. It is far less pretentious or expensive and doesn't offer the high-end tasting menu that you will be paying for at Saison, Benu, or Coi (those tend to be $$$$, while SPQR is $$ - maybe $$-and-a-half).

    If you are going to knock yourself out with two back-to-back tasting menus, I would completely skip Gary Danko as it is so staid and boring compared to what you will have already eaten. And, at that point, SPQR will be a refreshing change.

    If you DO want a third high-end, kick-ass meal, consider Atelier Crenn to your list; she just got a second Michelin star and is, in my opinion, more interesting than the other three you have mentioned.

    1. SPQR is not a formal tasting menu place like the others on your list - I think you should keep it for that reason alone. The board seems disappointed in Coi lately.