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Oct 24, 2012 12:37 PM

Salone del Gusto

Anyone going to Salone del Gusto which starts tomorrow in Torino?

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  1. We will be in Torino on Saturday. Thanks for alerting us to it. Will look through the program later, but do you recommend it highly, bearing in mind we only have 24 hours in Torino?

    Our plan for Torino was to try various cafes and aperitivo places rather than go to restaurants for lunch &/or dinner. Does that make sense?

    Haven't really done a search on Torino on CH yet ... So, may come back with questions if we don't find the info in previous threads.

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      If you only have one day in Turin better skip the Salone as it will take up most of a day to visit and it will be very crowded on Saturday. You could visit Eataly which is next to where the Salone is held at Lingotto.

      I particularly like the area around the old quadrilatero romano near the cathedral and not too far from the Porta Palazzo Market as an area with many small piazze and outdoor cafes if the weather holds.

      1. re: Villasampaguita

        Thanks, Villasampaguita, for your advice. We will make a point of seeking out the Quadrilatero Romano area.

      2. re: jihba

        I'm here now! The Salone is pretty great, but it will definitely be crowded on Saturday. It all depends if you want to see the Salone, or else see Torino. The Salone is located at Lingotto, and not in the center of town.

        If you do decide to go, buy your tickets online if you can, and print them out to avoid lines for that.

        As to your plan about trying various cafes, etc. that is a better plan than trying to get into any of the restaurants that have been recommended on this board or are in the Osteria d'Italia guide. They've all been booked for weeks, due to the Salone crowds.

        One very cute place we went to the other evening, that you can try, is Bordo. But avoid the free anpetizers they give you, and order something off the menu. Great wine list, lots of organic and natural wines. Very interesting.

        1. re: minchilli

          Thanks very much, minchilli, for the post: was very useful. We had decided to focus on the city of Torino rather than the Salone (after all, there are other such festivals, but the city is unique). But, somehow, it had not occurred to us that all good restaurants will be full. So, as you say, good thing we are planning to focus on cafes and bars. I suppose we have to fight crowds there too ...

          Thanks for the Bordo tip.

          Enjoy the Salone!

          1. re: jihba


            I have to say that, were it me, I would invest time in the historic shops of Piedmont. I'm the sworn enemy of EATALY, but even if I weren't, the Salone is being held in Lingotto, which is where EATALY is, and I would imagine it is just even more of a zoo right now than usual.

            I actually don't much care for the Quadrilatero district, which has a South Street Seaport feel to me. If you can't get into any of the city's better restaurants, I think you may end up with a poor impression of the city's food, including if you eat free stuff during the apertivo hour. So that is one reason I'm recommending the historic food shops to get that sense of the town.

            I'll scout around on line and see if I can find a list of historic shops that goes beyond candy, and post it here.

            My favorite place to have a drink in Torino remains the bar inside the Cinema museum, but that's only because I love the Cinema museum. Worth just looking at if you are inside the Mole. Likewise, the exquisitely elegant caffe inside the Palazzo Madama.

            1. re: jihba

              Here is the best food shops list I could find with a quick search:


              and this is a separate lists for sweets


              and wines


              I'm sorry I don't have Plotkin's book where I am typing this, but maybe he has a list if you are carrying his Torino pages.

              1. re: barberinibee

                Grazie mille, barberinibee: very kind of you to take the time to locate and post the links. We'll look through them tomorrow morning before heading out to Torino.

                I dare not enter the Cinema museum when we are in Torino for only a day ... for I am a film buff. (When I was an 18-year old, I had made a documentary film for a regional tv in India; but inability to raise funds for a full-length film ensured a short career!) I recall that, looking through some thread, I had noted a reference in one of your posts to Abbas Kiarostami's tribute to Arezzo played out on the rearview mirror of a car in "Certified Copy"; knew I had spotted another film buff.

                Thanks for the Palazzo Madama trip and for sharing your reservations about the Quadrilatero district.

                The salone is certainly off our agenda now. And some chocolate shops are certainly on: Gobino and Peyrano kept coming up when we looked. Will make an attempt to spend time looking in some of the historic shops, as you suggest.

                We are in fact carrying the (entire) Plotkin book. (BTW, I knew some of his writings on opera, but didn't know about this book before I saw a reference to it on your post.) I am also carrying a copy of a NYTimes "36 hours in" Torino piece from June this year. Haven't really had a chance to look at either --- will have to do on the way.

                The way we have eaten the last 7 days, it will do us no harm to go without a full meal in Torino. We were keen on the cafes and the bars for a sense of the atmosphere, not so much for the free stuff :)

                Thanks again for taking the time.

                1. re: jihba

                  I responded to your post regarding the cinema museum but Chowhound moderators deleted it, so this will be my last post.

                  Good luck with your Emilia Romagna trip. Here is a more recent article with Fred Plotkin's updated food recommendations for Bologna.