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Oct 24, 2012 11:44 AM

ISO: Sunday breakfast/brunch for group of 15 on UWS

Hi - I'm planning a Sunday breakfast/brunch for 15-20 people on the Upper West Side (we'll be leaving from 74th and Amsterdam) and am having trouble finding a place. I'd like it to open by 11 and allow me to have a price fix/set menu. I don't care about having a private space. I've already contacted the following places:

Sarabeth's - not an option b/c they won't take a brunch party on the weekend
Nice Matin - sent a request for info
Cafe Luxembourg - sent a request for info
Rosa Mexicano - an option, but they don't open till 11:30
Landmarc - best option at this point

Any others that I'm missing?


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  1. You don't say when this will take place, but if the timing is right, the Smith is scheduled to open up "this fall" in the old Josephina/Sushi-a-Go-Go space across from Lincoln Center. Check this site: . If it sounds good to you, maybe you can get more information (opening date etc) from one of the other Smiths.

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      Thanks! It's not till January, so this might be an option.

    2. Give Jacob's Pickles a call - I was there last wknd and was impressed by the space and the yummy food/drinks. It's definitely worth a look...

        1. Depending on your price point, Lincoln may be a desirable option. Food and service are excellent, setting is beautiful, and the Sunday brunch uncrowded at that hour. If you're willing to shell out you won't be sorry.

          1. Calle Ocho and Isabella's are two brunch mainstays of the neighborhood that you should check on.