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Oct 24, 2012 11:10 AM

Any good cafes for a date in the Greenwich Village?

Any good cafes for a date in the Greenwich Village? Somewhere that's quiet and relaxing is ideal.

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  1. La Lanterna Cafe on MacDougal and W. 3rd. Also, not in Greenwich Village, per se, but Epistrophy, on Mott near Spring, and Mariebelle on Broome near Greene, also fit the bill.

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    1. Walk a few blocks south and go to Vin et Fleurs in Soho (Thompson between broom and spring).

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        While I'm a huge fan of Vin et Fleurs, the OP asked for a *cafe* not a bar/restaurant. V et F is a neighborhood restaurant/wine bar.

        1. Di Fiore Marquet, on 12th just east of 5th, is a quiet and relaxing place. Brighter and less rustic than La Lanterna. (That's not a judgment. La Lanterna is a good option. It's just darker and more bohemian than Di Fiore Marquet.)

          1. Depends on the kind of date, but if it's informal the happy hour at Fleur et Sel on 7th avenue is nice. You can get a glass of wine for $5, but the chairs are uncomfortable--which could be a good thing if you don't plan to linger. Landbrot is next door and while nobody's going to accuse it of being a romantic destination you can get a beer and a pretzel and it's very pleasant and not usually crowded.

            If you want something more romantic, another vote for La Lanterna...they are so nice there and won't hustle you out.

            I went on a nice date at Caffe Dante once, if you just want pastries and sambuca or something. We saw Wallace Shawn there. Always a plus.

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              My husband still takes me on dates to Caffe Dante.... I really love that place.