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Oct 24, 2012 10:54 AM

How long can I hold defrosted shrimp?

We had a frig/freezer die during the night. Two bags of very large shrimp were concerned. They are on ice now, but they were probably 70% defrosted when we rescued them. Will it be safe to eat them tonight? Can't I just check to see if they smell like iodine? They are wild shrimp from Whole Foods. Thanks for your help and Go Giants.

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  1. if they were still partially defrosted, you're golden for tonight.

    1. My go-to guide for such things,, says 1 - 2 days.

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        Bob, thanks for that link. What a great website!

      2. I assume they were still cold (i.e. as if they had been in the refrigerator). I routinely defrost shrimp and keep them at fridge temperature for up to 3 days and have never had an issue.

        1. You're fine. Three days is as far as I would go, but its pretty easy to tell when seafood has gone bad. If it doesnt smell bad and looks good, its still good. It will let you know when it starts to go bad! If it starts to smell a little off, bin it.

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            I have also noticed it gets a little slimy as well so I think you're definitely safe.

          2. Whatever part of the 2 bags you can't work into dinner tonight, you should probably boil and they will be useful for several days further, but with limited uses.