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Oct 24, 2012 10:30 AM

Can a pupusa be made without corn?

Unfortunately, I am unable to eat corn and pupusas are probably my favorite food. The effects of me eating corn is not worth even one bite of a pupusa. So, of course, I am on a journey to figure out something similar to a pupusa that i can still eat...any ideas?

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  1. perhaps make your own flour tortillas/pita type bread. obviously it wont have the same flavor, but it should still be delicious.

    1. There are versions of rice flour pupusas available that are just as delicious as the corn variety. Most of my attempts at the rice flour variety have been unsuccessful: gummy and a little dry. Recently I found a bag of rice flour made in Mexico (before I had only used Thai brands) and the batch made with the Goya brand were the best of the rice flour ones I'd made to date. A little experimentation is still needed to obtain the correct texture of the masa, but hopefully soon!

      So give it a whirl! A well made pupusa de arroz is a beautiful thing.

      1. You might try using a Naan in place of the thick corn tortillas

          1. Perhaps you can make them out of potatoes or plantains.

            If you're "on a journey to figure out something similar to a pupusa" at a restaurant, try "rellenos de papa" at a salvadorean restaurant or perhaps you'll like mofongos from a Puerto Rican restaurant.

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              If made plantain, the name may include 'de verde'. The green, not ripe, plaintain is often used for for starchy uses like this.

              Here, for example, is an Ecuadorian empanada de verde