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Oct 24, 2012 10:28 AM

Gelato in North End

Everyone has been so helpful on here, so I have another question about my upcoming trip. Where is the go-to spot for gelato in the North End? I am concentrating on the North End since it will be more convenient to go and grab some during walking around there or a dinner in the area. I have only really seen some ice cream posts on here (and those who know, gelato is MUCH DIFFERENT). Caffe Dello Sport seems to be a favorite, is this the one to go to?


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  1. Great question! I, too, would love to know if there are any decent gelaterias in the North End. I haven't tasted any that I like at all, much less that I'd return to.

    FWIW, I very much like Caffe dello Sport, but haven't tasted their gelato. I would love to know it's good...

    1. A couple of years ago (I seldom get gelato) I went to Sapori Di Napoli on Salem. It was pretty good. On a scale of 1-10, I'd say a 7 or so. I had the pistachio, which was more frozen in texture and thus less creamy than it should have been, but the taste was good.

      1. i have not been in a few yrs but used to go often and it was always wonderful there at C D Sport.
        I always ask for tastes before committing; just a suggestion! I really do hope you make it to Tocanini in Camb. That is, gelato love beside the fact, THE ice cream to get in Boston!

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          I was thinking about trying out Courthouse Seafood. If so, I'll definitely stop by Toscanini while I'm in Cambridge.

        2. My favorite place for gelato in the North End is Cafe Paradiso on Hanover. I think it tastes better than anywhere else in the North End. They also make a great martini.

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          1. Looks like I might have to try both Caffe Dello and Paradiso. Figure out which one I like more, plus, you can't have too much gelato!

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              Plse post your experience so we can advise future visitors like you!