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Oct 24, 2012 10:09 AM

Request for best kosher take-out in Jerusalem

Will be there next month and looking for suggestions for glatt kosher places and specific dishes/foods.

Also, any recommendations for wine shops?

We will be in the Emek Refaiim area. Thanks all.

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  1. For wine, start with Machane Yehuda. Try the Basher Resto Bar on Agrippas, and ask the owner Itamar Ben-Zaken for a tasting and a tour of the wine cellar. They open around noon.

    Lots of take-out options on Emek Refaim. For a complete Shabbat take-out dinner, Marvad Haksamim is a great option.

    Enjoy your trip! Wish I was going too!

    1. For wine, Emek Refaim has an excellent wine store. I don't recall the name - but if you ask on Emek, you can get directed in the right direction. Avi Ben in the city center is also very good.

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