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Oct 24, 2012 09:46 AM

Union Kitchen - Memorial

I had mentioned this place on an unrelated thread with the comment that the food, while nicely presented, was a bit bland.

I would like to take this opportunity to expand and amend my previous comment.

My usual lunch buddy and I have been here several times now and I am more enamored with it at every visit.

I've had the burgers, chicken sliders special and yesterday the tuna sandwich. I requested it medium rare, (my default choice when I don't know how adept the kitchen staff is as it seems to give them the biggest margin of error). Next time I will order it rare and trust me, there will be a next time.

A nice fillet of tuna, perfectly medium rare, served on a fresh, sweet bun with spicy mayo, cucumber, jalapeno slices... It reminded me of a spicy toro roll more than a sandwich, and I really really like spicy toro rolls.

The burgers and sandwiches are served with fresh, house made chips. They're good but unsalted. That's not a problem for me as I know of a quick fix.

As I said, I like this place more and more every time we go. It's very likely to wind up a weekly stop for us.

It's on Memorial where Hunan Emperor lived for decades near the Rice Epicurean between Gessner and the Beltway. It's the second location, (I think), with the first being in Bellaire, (I think).

BTW, my lunch buddy always has a salad and really likes their barbecue chicken salad.

It's good. Give 'em a shot.

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  1. Second that and would include the Bellaire location.

    I had the Tejas Benedict. Is it possible that the homefries were deep fried with chorizo? Yummy crusty and juicy bits of chorizo with crunchy homefries really made the dish. The poached eggs were just right, though the masa cake was pretty forgettable. Chipotle Hollandaise very nice too.

    Enjoyed my dish so much, I have no idea what my buddy had, so sorry, can only report one dish!