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Oct 24, 2012 09:18 AM

Christmas Day dinner

We will be staying in the Warehouse District at Christmas time. Although my husband's family is from New Orleans, only his mother remains and we would like to take her out for dinner on Christmas Day.

I was hoping my number one place would be open - Bayona, but they only do Thanksgiving. Is there another restaurant similar to Bayona - in that they literally have something for everyone - including vegetarians and kids - and the price point cost/value is good.

So far, open on Christmas Day:
*Cafe Adelaide - seems like our best bet
*Domenica - seems like everyone can find something here
*Luke - our third choice
*Borgne - maybe
*Grille Room - not into the price tag. Not a good cost/value. Nothing vegetarian and kids are $45/each (that'd be for PBJ and chicken strip!!)!

Closed on Christmas Day...i.e. places we'd rather eat at. :-)
Bayona, Commanders, La Petit Grocery, August, Liliette


On another note - we plan on driving to Lutcher/Gramercy to check out the bonfires on Christmas Eve. We haven't done this in YEARS!! Last time we were there, the fire dept along the levee was serving up rice and beans, etc. Has anyone been to the bonfires in recent years? Do you know if food is still being served along the levee?
Maybe there is a small restaurant we could make our way to before the bonfires start up.
Thanks a bunch!!

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  1. We ate not long ago at both Domenica and Cafe Adelaide. Loved the food at both places, had some service glitches at Cafe Adelaide. The "vibe" at CA is more in the direction of drab hotel restaurant, Domenica has a clean, modern design that the crowds warm up nicely.

    I think that Domenica's menu is more varied and impressive, and with a group you could put together a very interesting meal sharing appetizers, pizza, entrees, etc. You are right, kids and vegetarians would both do well with that menu. Domenica feels more "fine dining" to me without being at all stuffy or pretentious.

    One other bonus: the Roosevelt Hotel does dazzling Christmas decorations in the lobby, and those would definitely add to the feeling of a special holiday experience. I guess that with the kids in tow, there is little point in mentioning that the historic Sazerac Bar is just steps away, also in the Roosevelt lobby, but I mention it anyway..

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      Thank you for that description, Gizmo. My mother in law will enjoy seeing The Roosevelt...maybe she and the kids can enjoy the decorations while us adult children go have a drink...I have a feeling we'll need it!! Lol!!
      Anyway, Domenica sounds perfect!! Thanks again!!

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        You're most welcome, and I hope you have a great holiday.

        Here's a video that will give you a glimpse of the Christmas decorations at the Roosevelt:

    2. Last year, we went to MiLa for Christmas dinner. Not sure if they are doing it again, but the food was excellent.

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        Realize that every place mentioned is in a hotel and that is why they are open. In N.O. that is not a bad thing to be in a hotel. Those are some great choices.

      2. Thanks guys!!
        I think we are going to go with Domenica since there is something for, vegetarians and even the foodies in our group.

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          That's what we ended up doing when we were hosting a similar large-ish crew with kids and vegetarians. Worked out great.