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Oct 24, 2012 08:38 AM

sunday coney island

I'll be in coney island for a show next sunday. after I'm loking for a place for dinner. Moderate price(<25 a head), 2 adult chowhounds, 1 vegitarian teenager, 1 picky teenager, all somewhat adverturous. Would like if it was walkable from 1208 Surf Ave., but willing to drive a bit. Something besides dogs, pizza slices...

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  1. We have always like Gargiulo's. Check the menu. It may be out of your price range.

    1. Walkable? nope, got nothing for you. However, there's an abundance of places within 5-10 minutes drive. You are only 5 blocks away from the beginning of Brighton Beach Ave and then 10-20 blocks of wall to wall Russian places. If that's interesting to you, I'd recommend driving down B.Beach Ave to Coney Island Ave. One block up CIA is Cafe Glechik ( ). There's also Varenichnaya at 3086 Brighton 2nd. Both very fresh & good and with diverse, interesting arrays of food (including non-meat options). Another 5 minutes drive then gets you to Sheepshead Bay, where I'd recommend Limon, a Turkish fish place on Emmons Ave. More can be found on these boards but I'd also recommend using which covers Bklyn and can be searched by neighborhood.

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        You could probably walk down to Brighton Beach Ave - I ditto that recommendation. Primorski has some good dishes (the chicken lamb breads etc) and the whole Russian scene in Brighton Beach is interesting. Parking is tough over there and in Coney Island - if you need to get in your car, it might be better to head to Coney Island Ave as steve suggests - less of a scene on the street but more parking for your vehicle.

        1. Can i ask why you've eliminated pizza? Totonno's is a NYC classic and very much worth your time. Recent reports (im not sure if i read them here on CH or elsewhere) have complained of slipping quality, but to me, it epitomizes the style of thin crust, well balanced sauce and supremely fresh mozzarella. im not a toppings guy, but the pepperoni is good, and a lot of folks order their pies white (no sauce) with garlic.

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            We are down in the city/jersey many times over the year so looking for someting different. also bagels to take home! How are Coney Island Bagels ?

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              Or Coney Island Old Time Bagels?????

            2. If you walk down the boardwalk about 1/2mile to 1mile are a series of Russian outdoor cafes. I haven't been there in a while so I am not comfortable recommending any, but they are still there. Call to confirm hours and availability, and maybe check weather reports. Tatiana is one example but I think there are 3 or 4.

              M&I International might also be close enough for you. You can either eat at the one of the cafes inside or buy food and eat on the boardwalk. There should be enough veterinarian choices.

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              1. re: Geo8rge

                looks like M&I International closed...

                1. re: jefpen2

                  That's a blow. Where else would you shop for Russian provisions around there? Anyone like Brighton Bazaar a few blocks east?

                  1. re: squid kun

                    M&I closed for renovations, with big plans to put another 2-3 floors in which would contain a medical clinic, day care center and some other businesses. They werent counting on the Community Board concerns about added traffic on Brighton Beach Ave and have been stopped dead in their tracks (at least temporarily) while the politics play out. Meanwhile, they closed and gutted the place.

                    Isnt there a supermarket type place just off the corner of Coney Is. Ave/Brighton Beach Ave that's decent? I havent been in quite awhile but sort of remember it.