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Oct 24, 2012 08:31 AM

Something different for DC - Teatro Goldoni to Become the Icelandic Look

It appears those renovations over at Teatro Goldoni are a bit more extensive than a refresh. Real Estate Bisnow chats with owner Michael Kosmides, who tells them that once Teatro is gutted, it will be replaced by Look, the city's first Icelandic restaurant.

There aren't a lot of details beyond that the food will be "world cuisine small plates," though given the theme one would assume seafood would be a priority. The restaurant at 1909 K St. NW, frequently a favorite among celebrity clientele in the later hours, will seat 200 after the redo. The owner is looking to add "hologram TVs," new lighting and sleek decor.

Kosmides also owns Cities in the same neighborhood. Teatro had taken on more of a clubby vibe since chef Enzo Fargione exited the restaurant in order to open Elisir. Look is aiming for a Nov. 16 opening, Kosmides said.

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  1. I had some really good food in Iceland. I was surprised, I thought it would be meat and potatoes but it was actually pretty sophisticated and unique.

    1. For me. this is tragic news. That was a great place for the weekday bar lunch.