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Oct 24, 2012 08:17 AM

What type of Japanese soy sauce is most similar to a Chinese light soy sauce (Koikuchi or Usukuchi)

The recipe im looking at calls for Japanese soy sauce but says that you can substitute Chinese light soy sauce in its place. Im not so interested in using subs so Chinese light soy sauce is out of the question. Unfortunately, the Japanese also have their different types of soy sauces; Koikuchi (dark colored) or Usukuchi (light colored). Most often, it is assumed that one wants Koikuchi when one wants Japanese soy sauce but Im not sure if Koikuchi which is a dark colored soy sauce would be more similar to a Chinese dark soy sauce rather than a Chinese light soy sauce. Could anyone clarify which type I should use if a Chinese light soy sauce is listed as a the substitute?

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