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Oct 24, 2012 07:49 AM

best lox in DC/NoVA

Building on the 'best bagels + lox' thread. No one really discussed lox. I want to get really good stuff for a buffet that is thinly sliced and ready to serve. NOT the sealed packets at the grocery stores. Whole Foods? Fish store?

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  1. Finding someone who knows how to slice thin is always the problem. Most of the smoked fish is coming from Acme in NY. Of course they have different levels of quality, but packaged or not, most of it comes from this one place.

    I would be interested in the responses,too. I had thought Parkway Deli in Silver Spring would be a great source but was disappointed. The quality wasn't there - it was slightly chewy. We thought it was just a once-off so we tried again and same thing. Lox (actually, nova for me) is too expensive to buy anything less than the best so I don't even bother with going on a hunt for good nova. I just order it from Russ & Daughters and then also get other fantastic fish such as mackerel, whitefish salad, and sable to die for.

    But obviously you have to plan ahead for that and so having a local place would be great.