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Oct 24, 2012 07:44 AM

Ideas for make-ahead, freezable Thanksgiving dishes -

We always travel to the in-laws for Thanksgiving, which is an 8-hour drive. I generally don't get much kitchen time, much less the chance to grocery shop or prep. Can anyone contribute some recipes for things I could make, freeze, and take with me so I can contribute to the meal? I'm not looking for desserts, or any sort of "typical" casserole (green beans 'n' onions or sweet potatoes with marshmallows) - more a delicious side item. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. Given your restrictions, the only thing I can think of are making a few interesting, unique cranberry sauces or relishes. Sweet ones, spicey ones, tropical ones, some with booze in them, etc. I usually make several ahead of time and sometimes they are the talk of the table :)

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      I cook a couple of days in advance instead, but the only things I can think of that might survive freezing in good condition are twice baked potatoes with plenty of butter, rutabaga puree (husband's family tradition) and home made cranberry sauce and/or relish. Pre made stock for gravy, too. I make sliced glazed sweet potatoes and apples, but if you make a mashed dish instead, you could freeze the sweets, too. I've frozen leftover , uncooked stuffing in the past when I had a huge amount, and it was ok afterward, but it's not something I've ever done for T'day.

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        I've been trying to avoid the cranberry dishes, but am intrigued by the idea of a boozy one. Can you elaborate?

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          Hijacking to answer, but we do a bourbon cranberry sauce every year and it is super easy. Bake cranberries, water and sugar per typical recipe, and when done stir in half cup of bourbon. They are AWESOME.

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            I have made them with bourbon, brandy, orange liqueur, and a spicy one with jalapeƱo and tequila! Last year I made one with equal parts of blueberry and cranberries with some chipotle and Jack Daniel's for a bit of a Latin inspired side dish "sub thread" to our usual side dishes. Those sides were gobbled up before the traditional ones. I have also made a tomato, mango, cranberry sauce (indian chutney style) with Pernod that was great. This year I know I will be using huckleberries in the cranberry sauce in some way and maybe gin (juniper kick). Use google and your imagination and cranberry sauce can be exciting :)