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Oct 24, 2012 03:12 AM

Wine and Dine Wisconsin

I saw an ad for this yesterday. Has anyone been to a previous one? We enjoy food, but for medical reasons don't drink alcohol so we're not sure it's worth the $45 ticket for food samples alone. Insights?

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  1. I've never been, but the pictures from last year DO make it seem to lean very heavily to the beer/wine side of things.

    1. Hi shaja,

      We attended the year before last and I can emphatically state we would not return. The crowd control was terrible and we often had trouble even getting the wine and food samples we actually did want. I realize you will not be drinking but for the benefit of anyone else reading along, we found the alcohol offerings to be mediocre at best. The food was really so-so as well. But how great could it be under those conditions where you have a mob of people trying to get at a small supply of food in chafing pans or whatever they are called? Definitely not worth $45/person for their so-so food and alcohol samples let alone $45 just for the food. And $45 is just the minimum. I seem to recall that if you wanted to attend a demo that was extra (for each demo) and the higher end food and wine was also extra.

      Think of it this way...bare minimum that it is going to cost the two of you is $90. For a little more, you and Mr. Shaja could go to a good restaurant, sit down, have someone wait on you, order exactly what you want and not have to deal with a crowd and people that are just there to see how much they can drink for their $45.

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        Thank you both. I was a little leery, and you confirmed it for me. I think we'll follow Fowler's good advice and save that money for a special night out.

      2. Went to Glorioso's last night for their fall wine and food tastings. The wide variety of Sicilians was a pleasant experience and enlightening.

        For $35, you get a $30 Reidel red wine glass and about 50 different wines, craft beers, and olive oil tastings. Only a limited number of tickets are available, keeping the crush to a minimum. But your interest is in the food. There was actually more food brought out near the end of the two hour tasting than at the start.

        Porcini and truffle risotto, gnochi on a stick, air dried ham, half a dozen different cheeses, various salumi, pickled veggies, mixed olives, beef, cheese, and mushroom giant sliders, etc. The store is also open for sales and I was impressed with the knowledge of the purveyors.

        I did not see a station for non-alcoholic drinks. Maybe next time they will have one with various Italian waters and soft drinks.