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Oct 23, 2012 11:44 PM

Dinner Yarmouth, Cape Cod in October

We are going down to celebrate my husband's 50th birthday with the kids for a weekend in Cape Cod. I'm trying to find a decent restaurant that we can go to for a night out just us, no kids. I'm looking for a "that was nice" place since we have a special dinner booked for us at L'Espalier in Boston next month, so no need to break the bank with this one. So far I've got three places that look good from some research:
Lyric (although the Chow reviews are not as recent)
Red Pheasant
The Brazillian Steak House

Any other suggestions or feedback? Any place that serves a good Manhattan would score extra points.

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  1. Tell me how L'Espalier is..we had a bad experience 9 years ago...went back for tea using the 100.00 credit they offered us due to our experience. Prices on Cape are much less than the 200-300+ you will spend at LE. Try the 3 course 29 menu at Ocean House. On the water, valet, AMAZING...

    1. Lyric & the Red Pheasant are much nicer and more intimate than the Brazillian Steakhouse. Personally, I prefer the Red Pheasant. As phelana indicated, the Ocean House in Dennisport is always great. Another place that I like on the same street as Ocean House, is the Oyster Company, although more casual. In Hyannis, you might like Alberto's or the Roadhouse. Each of these require reservations on the weekend.

      1. I'll second Phelana's Ocean House rec. Great location, excellent food and service whether you opt for the $29 prix fixe or not. Inventive menu with an Asian undertone. On an October night, however, you will miss out on its wonderful ocean view as it'll be pitch black out there. Red Pheasant is very nice as well, in an antique Inn which also has its own special ambiance. The food has a slightly french slant and many American standards. Specializes in game dishes and local seafood. Definitely a worthy consideration for a special meal out. Brazilian Steakhouse only if you want copious amounts of overly salted overcooked meat. As Kevin posts, Alberto's is a Hyannis favorite if in the mood for upscale Italian/American. I'm no fan of the Road House's lack of consistency, but it does have it's followers. All of the above have menus on-line so you can see what you like.

        I did a recent review of Lyric here:

        Enjoy your celebration and please report back!

        1. Ocean House and Red Pheasant would be my 1a. and 1b. choices. The Ocean House's 3 course $29 menu puts it at 1a. Haven't been to Lyric yet.

          The Brazilian Grill would probably be best suited as a place to take the kids for a different type of dining experience, not for a couple's night out.

          1. Always count on the Chowhounds! Thanks everyone. I'll be calling for reservations at the Ocean House, looks great. Don't worry Phelana, I be posting to the Boston board about L'Espalier. I've gone twice at the old location and always incredible pleased with service and food. We are going for the chef's table this time.