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Oct 23, 2012 01:36 PM

Glatt Kosher caterer for shul in West Orange, NJ

We are planning our daughter's bas mitzvah for september, 2013. Any recommnedations on a caterer who is inventive but not exorbitant?

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  1. So, I personally used COusins Catering (now called Mi Chicas) for a work event. They are based out of Monsey but go all over NJ. They were fantastic. The price was amazing (we had a pathetic budget) and I loved working with them. They have a FB page with gorgeous pictures on them.
    I have never used them for a nicer event, but their pics are amazing.

    1. Menagerie . Not very inventive , but delicious food and not exorbitant.

      1. I love Petak in Fairlawn. They also deliver to many shuls in northern NJ

        They are not a full-service caterer but rather a place that will deliver platters, etc.

        1. Try Herb and Spices in West Orange. Very nice presentation and good food. It is under the local Vaad.