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Oct 23, 2012 01:11 PM

Satellite Room: Review of new diner next door to 9:30 Club

Oh lord, this place is kind of great, just opened right next door to the 9:30 Club. Fun decor, huge outdoor section with serious heating lamps, somewhere between a diner and a bar feel. We came late night on Saturday and seriously enjoyed a plate of pork (al pastor) tacos and a chocolate shake. The food quality here is very, very good, particular at this price point. Very careful spicing and execution on the tacos, and no Hershey's syrup in the shake! Service was terrible - REALLY slow - but I think they may be working out kinks.

Menu is quite interesting, including some tempting fried chicken, burgers, breakfast items, and boozy shakes. And they've jumped on the elote bandwagon!

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