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Oct 23, 2012 01:09 PM

Does anyone make their own candy & caramel apples?

I would like to find some real handmade candy and caramel apples. I am not looking for the prepackaged or those hug chocolate dipped apples. I want something nostalgic. Thanks!

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  1. Wilson Farm in Lexington dips their own apples, but I'm not sure if they make their own caramel. You could send them an email or call.

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      I believe Wilson Farm sells their caramel apples 7 days a week, but you can get them freshly dipped on the weekends. They always look really unappealing to me when they're smooshed into a cellophane bag. They cost $2.50 apiece.

    2. A lot of the apple farms do their own caramel apples (and homemade cider donuts too!). I like the ones at Honey Pot Farm in Stow personally.

      1. Brach's caramels used to have a recipe to MYO. Not sure if it's an W. Coast thing though.

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          It's funny that you bring up Brach's candies. I have tried unsuccessfully to track down Brach's spice drops. I do not like the other no name brand that all of the stores are carrying. They do not taste the same as Brach's do. Why do you think that brand has been so hard to find when it used to be readily available.

        2. Try Phillips, last day for apples is Nov 16

          Phillips is my first choice but other options:


          Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Wrentham

          1. Sorry, just realized you Don't want chocolate dipped. Harder to find these days. Try the apple farms or better yet just make your own. If you don't want to make caramel from scratch the old recipe on the Kraft caramels bag works.