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Oct 23, 2012 12:58 PM

Any recs for the asian 99 ranch Plaza in Cupertino on Wolfe Road?

Interested to see if anyone has any particular recs on restaurants and dishes to order in some of the restaurants in the 99 Ranch Plaza on Wolfe Road. There must be at least 7 different restaurants in there, but it seems if you're not a native chinese speaker, you're at a serious disadvantage in finding things to order.

I tried the beef noodle soup at A&J - it was solid. Not ridiculously good, but enough for me to give the thumbs up.

Specific dishes to order are most welcome, as it seems these restaurants all offer so much on their menu, not of all which is their strength.

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  1. The shanghainese restaruant is delicious. My family really enjoys nutrition restaurant. Good dumplings / fried dough type items. There is also a skewers place that smells unbelievably good - i haven't had a chance to try it yet though.

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      The Shanghainese restaurant there is now offering Peking Duck 3 way. Didn't catch the price but found it odd that they would offer that. It's listed as a special posted on the window as you walk by.

    2. Tong Dumpling Pot has good handmade dumplings and a nice, solid zha jiang mien.

      Joy Luck palace is good for dim sum, but not sure if you are looking for that.