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Oct 23, 2012 12:04 PM

Blood sausage in L.A? Boudin noir.

Looking to purchase some blood sausage in L.A. Either regular or creole style.I'm situated on the north side of town. Any suggestions where I should go?
Thank you,

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  1. I know Nicole's in South Pasadena sells it frozen.

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    1. re: Johnny L

      And it's pretty good, if you've got no source for fresh. Don't know anyone making it in LA County …

      I just checked Google, and Fabrique Delices (which I think is the brand Nicole carries) is California-based. Their price direct is just under $45 for three pounds - that's twelve links.

      1. re: Will Owen

        La Espanola in Harbor City makes two types of blood sausage (onion, rice), but of course it's Spanish style and at the opposite end of LA county from the OP.

    2. Merci..I will try the Pasadena location first and see if they can get me some fresh boudin in the near future.

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        It is highly perishable, remember. When we were with Mrs. O's relatives in Nice, someone wanted boudin noir for our farewell dinner. The man of the house knew that the weather was still too warm for it to be made in any quantities - mid-September - but was friends with a charcutier who might be persuaded to make a small amount just for him. The charcutier did agree, and told Abel to pick it up early the next day and get it under refrigeration immediately. I must say it was well worth the trouble!

        Anyway, there are reasons why frozen is the most common way to stock and sell it. I don't recall seeing any non-frozen sausage at Nicole's, except for items in her deli case, stuff for sandwiches or plates.