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Oct 23, 2012 12:00 PM

Almond Milk Pulp Uses - Easy Ones, Please.

Just started to make almond milk from scratch, since I don't really like the taste, or sweeteners, in the store bought types. I really don't like to throw food out, so I want to find an easy and quick use for the leftover pulp. I don't strain it through cheesecloth, so it is a little wet.

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  1. I use my nut milk pulp in granola, oatmeal cookies, and crock pot oatmeal. I also don't use a cheesecloth, and the texture of my pulp is perfect for these things.

    The nut pulp will also freeze really well.

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    1. re: windycityvegan

      Thanks, Windy! What would I use it in place of in cookies? Flour? It is a little wet, so I am not sure how to adjust it. Any recipes to share?

      1. re: CookingBabs

        I would start by replacing half of the flour *or* oats with the equivalent amount of pulp, and reducing the liquid by a couple of tablespoons. Then you can adjust the cookie dough by adding either more rolled oats or more liquid, to get the cookie dough how you'd like it. I've found oatmeal cookies to be one of the easiest things to modify. Nut pulp pairs well with shredded coconut, so you could use that as one of your add ins (if you like coconut). Adding nut pulp will make the cookies a bit more cakey and moist.

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          You can save the "spent" almonds and use them as filler instead of breadcrumbs -- I normally use them for meatloaf, then noticed this is the Vegan/Vegetarian board! At any rate, you could try working them into a veggie loaf, into pancake or waffle batter, or added to any kind of batter for pan- or deep-frying, flavors permitting. I also wonder whether they'd be good added to rice, perhaps with other nuts and some fruit? Work them into pie crust or biscuits? Gnocchi or dumplings? Put in sweet potato casserole? Lots of options!

    2. A link to a great vegan flatbread like recipe using almond pulp:

      An entire recipe section using almond pulp: