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Oct 23, 2012 11:37 AM

Traditional Sushi in South Beach

I have been to Bond St. and Pubbelly Sushi, and both are good.

Is there any more "traditional" sushi places in South Beach?

Where do you think has the best sashmi/quality of fish?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. On South Beach? No not really. If you want a real sushi experience with the best ingredients go to Naoe, now on Brickell Key. This post on Naoe is dated - they've moved from Sunny Isles to Brickell Key, and the format has changed a little bit (now a fixed-price omakase for bento box + 8 pieces of nigiri, plus whatever you choose to add on) but still should give you a good idea what it's about.

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      My last meal at naoe something bothered me, I felt the rice was too hot. The fish quality was great though.

    2. best sashimi is at marketa (milos) - they do not serve sushi there - selection is limited and it can get very expensive.

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        I am a big fan of the Marketa at Milos but it would not be what I'd recommend to someone looking for "traditional sushi" - it's raw fish and seafood, and I think Chef Steve Rhee's background is in sushi, but the flavors here are Mediterranean (Milos is a Greek restaurant) not Japanese.

        TP, have you tried Shoji since it reopened? A long time ago that place used to be pretty solid, but it went downhill, then closed, now recently reopened.

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          Understood about marketa at milos. Just answering "Where do you think has the best sashmi/quality of fish?" as if it was a completely separate question. It might have been. It is so much better than any other place in sobe that it should be mentioned as an alternative, even though it is not japanese.

          I have not tried shoji since it reopened -- I have been waiting for someone else I trust to try it first before going. I too remember it going downhill right after the original chef left so I am not running back until I hear something, especially with marketa right there -- hard for me not to go there when I am in the neighborhood.

          Edit: The big question is, who is gong to fall on their sword first and try tosca -- not me :).

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              Let's compromise, chowfather pays. We'll all go.

        2. re: tpigeon

          How does Toni's Sushi Bar stack up?

          1. re: stevewag23

            Have not been in a very long time. I did not find it anything special when I last went.