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Oct 23, 2012 11:20 AM

ISO mighty spice recipe for tonight!

Hi all, I would much appreciate it if someone who owns the mighty spice cookbook could post the ingredient list for the dressing on the Szechuan chicken and cucumber salad. I'd like to make this dish tonight to use up my leftover roast chicken, but I don't have the recipe! The one version I can find by googling is highly suspect. Thanks so much in advance!!!!

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  1. My book says

    2 and 1/2 cups chicken,

    a cucumber,

    a handful chopped cilantro

    The dressing is

    3 tablespoons vegetable oil

    2 tablespoons mild chili flakes

    1 teaspoon ground Szechuan pepper

    1/2 teaspoon sugar

    2 tablespoons light soy sauce

    juice of 1/2 lemon

    That's it!

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