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Oct 23, 2012 09:00 AM

Marche Bastille, Sunday, huitres.

had visited this marche on Thurs, and found only one vendor w. a selection of several varieties including sauvages (wild, not cultivated). returning shortly after eight, the market was still sparse with shoppers, but there were easily three times as many vendors as Thurs, including those for seafoods. the fish looked magnificent, better than any we see in Calif markets. went to the vendor we had seen before, paid 25€ for two dozen assorted that included some speciales no.1's and the sauvages which were about the size of the no.2's next to them. another vendor had Belons, and after hearing about these for decades without trying them (they do appear of course in les etats but for a premium tariff and far from native waters) got eight for 10 €.

the occasion for eating them was so special, any good, fresh oysters would have been memorable, but for me the sauvages and the belons stood out. my friend, with whom we were having a reunion after almost four decades of no contact, didn't care for the Opinel model specific for shucking, but it served me well as a complete novice at the task. we had an excellent rose champagne (Agrapart) and a 2006 Dagenau Pursang, one of the last wines the late master of Pouilly Fume had made.

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  1. Why didn't you ask the vendor to shuck for you?

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    1. re: Parigi

      several good reasons, actually. the huitres had to be transported first by foot , then by small car to the suburbs. the friend w, whom we enjoyed the reunion loves shucking, and it was a fun communal activity. my own wish and need to learn good technique from a master.

    2. My favorite fishmonger, Jacky Lorenzo sells his wares at the Bastille Market as well. I bought fabulous scallops and prawns from him in August.

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        Saw lots of shucked on the shell, including sea urchin.
        Great market

      2. I am very interested in your Agrapart Champagne. I have not had it yet but I hear it is the outstanding counterpoint to Selosse' oxidative style.

        Could you please tell me where you got it, how much it cost and a more detailed impression of the wine.


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          went to Caves du Marais (r, Francois Miron, a few blocks east of Hotel de Ville) because the caviste there does sell Selosse, and asked for it. he said the production and allotments are very small, so he was out, but recommended Agrapart. have not ever tried Selosse, but have enjoyed very reasonable bottles of Agrapart back in Calif (<50 u.s., sometimes 35-40 with attentive shopping) -- my preferences go for the voluptuous over the lean and crisp, and for the complexity of pinot noir apparent or dominant in the wine. the best reserve cavas share those characteristics with a blend of the catalan indigenous grapes. rose champagnes are rarely if ever the lowest rung of a champagne house of course, and they have never disappointed me. cheers.