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Oct 23, 2012 08:00 AM

Rockland County best kept secrets..

Hi all- this weekend we had some great tacos in Haverstraw at Tacos Marianita, and it made me wonder what else I'm missing in Rockland that's great- particularly ethnic restaurants. So I'll start with some of my favorites:

Tacos Marianita, Haverstraw- great homestyle Mexican.Whenever I've been in there it's packed and I'm the only gringo in sight.

Maura's Kitchen, Nyack - fantastic Peruvian food- roast chicken, ceviche, etc - also has Peruvian beer, wine and spirits, and the people are super friendly.

Vietnam, Spring Valley - the old standby for pho and all things Vietnamese.

Can anyone add to my list? I'm particularly interested in Spring Valley which has loads of small ethnic restaurants that would take a long time to explore.

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  1. Gypsy Donut
    18 North Franklin Street
    Nyack, NY 10960
    (That’s 1/2 block north of the corner of Main Street.)

    845 353 5300
    or Toll Free
    855 GET DONUT

    1. Paterisserie Didier Dumas--a trip back int France for great coffee,pastry and lunch specials. Flies under the radar. 163 Main st, Nyack..

      The vererable Old 76 House in Tappan. Very historic,a genuine 200+ year old building. New chef has upgraded the cuisine,a very nice experience close to home. They also clam a real ghost on the premises!

      Also,art Cafe in Nyack. Nice atmosphere,a unique Middle Eastern cuisine sans meat. Try the "Malawiches" unique.

      1. Didier Dumas is a local treasure for sure, and Gypsy Donut is great for coffee and of course donuts. How about El Rey de Pollo? Anyone been there? Any favorite pupuserias or taco joints, or West Indian places in Spring Valley? And how about Indian? My new fav is Karavali in Nanuet. Places seem to to be cropping up in the western part of the county.

        1. My 3 favorite restaurants, in no particular order, in Rockland County:

          1. Restaurant X / Bully Boy Bar and/or Xaviars in Piermont,
          2. Alain's Bistro in Nyack,
          3. Velo in Nyack,

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            Off the Hook in Haverstraw for terrific fried fish and Southern side dishes. Mainly for takeout, though.
            Caribreeze in Spring Valley--Island-style vegetarian/vegan food.
            Not sure it's a best-kept secret, but the New City Kosher Deli in New City. It's not quite the Second Avenue Deli, but a worthwhile stop.
            Rockland Farm--not a restaurant and I'm not certain about the name, but it's the fruit/veg market in the Nanuet strip mall that's just south of the former Nanuet Mall. Low prices on produce, plus a great source for lots of ethnic products--spices, jams, sauces, sweets, canned goods, cheeses, teas and so on from various Middle Eastern countries, Pakistan, India, Eastern Europe, etc. There's also a butcher shop and a standard Boar's Head type deli under the same roof, but I've never patronized those.

            1. re: JRBlack

              Great! that's what I'm talking about. Off the Hook and Caribreeze. I can add to that Main Essentials in Nyack, which is another vegan/Caribbean place.

              1. re: JRBlack

                Just a point about Rockland farm, The butcher shop is Halal like you would see in Paterson NJ. Right next door is Kalavari. A top notch Indian resto with a huge menu that has a section of Jewish style Indian food, besides northern and southern Indian food. If you like it spicey they'll make it for you.

                1. re: double0

                  "Kalavari" is close.

                  416 NANUET MALL SOUTH
                  NANUET, NEW YORK 10954
                  Tel: 845 215 9794


                  They have 3 locations.

                  1. re: Bosmer

                    A couple more thoughts:
                    La Bamba in Sparkill. Little Mexican place hidden away in the back of a Mexican grocery store.
                    Cafe Portofino in Piermont. Kind of off the beaten path in Piermont in that it's several blocks north of the main "downtown" area. Not a hole-in-the-wall place but in a county that's full of Italian restaurants, this place shines. It's small, lovely, and civilized, with warm service that really makes you feel like a valued guest.

                    1. re: JRBlack

                      Update on Portofino--they're quite close to the Hudson and got slammed by Sandy. Not clear when they're reopening, but please consider supporting this small business when they do.


                      1. re: JRBlack

                        Thanks for the Article JRBlack. I drove by on my way to vote. Hope they get up and running soon. We also love O'Lar, which is right next store..

              2. re: Bosmer

                Velo is excellent! The staff there is amazing, very knowledgeable and helpful. The food is outstanding and it is a great place to go for a glass of wine or cocktail. Highly recomend!

                1. re: Bosmer

                  I'm not sure I'd list Restaurant X under "best kept secrets" since I'm sure it is one of the best known restaurants in the county. Freelance Cafe in Piermont might be closer to qualifying.

                2. Hanabi Japanese Restaurant in Stony Point, Hacienda de Don Manuel (great Mexican) in Suffern, Turquoise in Monsey (turkish food in small strip mall).

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                  1. re: Mberko

                    Correction for anyone looking for it online: it's Turkois Grill (not spelled like the stone). It is great, and underappreciated. And one of the owners has another Turkish place in New City, called Ephendi.