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Oct 23, 2012 07:15 AM

Wine samples or sample set


I'm coming into Philadelphia for a wine exam mid November. Staying at the Embassy Suites downtown - I was wondering if there are any restaurants that do wine samples, or 1/2/3 ounce wine pours so I can practice with a few different wines before my exam? I have one exam for spirits, and one exam for fortified wine - so any bar/restaurant that has a good selection so I can taste a few?


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  1. I would suggest that you go to Ristorante Panorama in the Penns View hotel. Has one of the best wine cellars in the city. They do flights, so you may be able to talk with them about small pours.

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      Fantastic! Looked through the wine selection and its almost perfect - selections of 1.5 ounce! Thanks :)

      1. re: Tboy

        Glad that works. I was trying to think around the area of fortified wines. I would probably look at Amada, or Jamonera. I think you will find a great selection of ports, madeira and sherry's here. Both are tapas restaurants. Jamonera does flights so that might help.

        I am not as up on the restaurants with good whisky selections.. perhaps others can suggest some. Perhaps Village Whiskey, I know they have a good selection, but not sure its as broad as you need it to be. They do offer them in 1 oz tastings.

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          Thanks again! The sherry is a good choice, usually its hard to find somewhere that does a sherry flight.

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            The sherry flights at Jamonera are excellent. They have a few different set flights you can choose from, but they are also happy to customize a flight if you have particular samples you are interested in trying.

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          The selection overall isn't huge, but Tria (two locations) has some pretty wild, exotic fortified wines that I have not seen anywhere else: