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Oct 23, 2012 07:12 AM

Khao San Thai kitchen YYC

After driving to 3 different Thai places on Thanksgiving Monday, we finally found an open one. Came across Khao San on Urbanspoon with good reviews. Apparently the place is quite new. Inviting atmosphere with comfortable banquettes and a thorough but fairly expensive menu.

We ordered spring rolls for appetizer, it was obvious they were homemade, which was quite a treat and rarity at most Asian restaurants. As mains we opted for a chicken panang curry, coconut rice and pad thai. The curry was exactly what you would expect, nothing bad, nothing out of the ordinary. The pad thai was the highlight. It was perfectly cooked with a little bit of char on the tofu and meat. Exceptional balance of flavours. Probably one of the best pad thai I have had.

friendly staff, enjoyable experience. I will return on our next visit to Calgary.

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  1. I'm eating here tonight (first time)... thanks for saving me time Googling the menu :)

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      I am back! I enjoyed my dinner last night. The restaurant is nicely decorated and the husband & wife owners were so nice.

      I had the beef satay for an app and the seafood green curry with coconut rice for my main. I loved the satay, which I really just order as a vehicle for peanut sauce (great!) My friend ordered the spring rolls. Each one was served in its own shot glass with dipping sauce on the bottom. Very cute.

      My green curry was ok but as the OP said, nothing bad just nothing out of the ordinary.

      Dessert was the special: two wedges of pumpkin (steamed for 3 hours) filled with a coconut milk-pumpkin custard. It was so nice. Not too sweet, not mushy, perfect size for a post-meal treat. My dining partners weren't as impressed but it was right up my alley.

      Side note: I ordered tea and it was served in a mini Bodum (loose leaf tea). As soon as it was empty, there was no delay for a fresh pot.

      I'd definitely go back some time.... nice experience!

    2. The owners are amazing. Just incredibly nice people.

      Next time try the Khao Soi. It's my favorite thing on the menu there and I live about a block away so I've been many times. I was sad to see Jaro Blue close but I prefer this place. Jaro also never did close to Khao San's business and it's nice to see such a great success.

      Sorry for beating a dead horse but after you've tried the khao soi at KSTC, find your way to Eau Claire Market and try the cheaper but in my opinion even better version at Jackie's Thai in the food court there. It's incredible but it's not on the menu every day because they change their menu daily.

      Oh, also there is a new location of Thai Bistro up where Oshima Sushi used to be, west of 14th street. It's not as good as KSTC I'd they have some things KSTC doesn't have like fish cakes which are big and delicious. Their prices are EXCELLENT. Next to Jackies's I'd say Thai Bistro has the best prices for Thai in Calgary.

      And that makes me wonder about Ruan Thai on 11th avenue. Their prices are insane. $23 for a yellow curry chicken and that's without rice! You can get a plate- just a plate, of chicken with basil and rice for $21 when you can get five times as much of the same dish at their lunch buffet for $13.99. It's like they want to close. They have prices like at a super expensive Thai place in Toronto but with no ambience at all, it's all office type furniture and the location is ugly. I hope for those guys sakes that they lower their prices to be in line with all these new Thai places opening or its curtains for them!!

      1. I was fortunate enough to have dinner at Khao San this week. This is easily my favourite Thai restaurant in Calgary. This warm little spot is run extremely well, with fantastic food and prompt, friendly service.

        I particularly enjoyed the perfectly steeped jasmine tea, the (very spicy) green papaya salad, the massaman beef shortrib, and the chicken green curry. All of the dishes were nicely presented and bursting with flavour. When I asked for some chilli sauce I was given a little 4 pack side dish thing with everything from dried chillies to toasted chilli oil to a sambal style sauce. Awesome!

        I'll be returning soon to try out the stuffed chicken wings and corn fritters as well as the Crying Tiger rib-eye dish, the Khao soi curry noodle/coconut milk dish, and the jumbo prawn entree.

        Top notch operation in my opinion!

        1. I've only eaten at 3 Thai restaurants in Calgary, and Khao San was the best by far. Decor and presentation was amazing. The spring rolls and papaya salad were heavenly, and the curry was good. Not as flavourful as White Elephant, but the rest of the meal surpassed WE by far.
          Service, Decor, Presentation were all 9.5, food was a solid 9.
          Better than White Elephant, and miles above Ruan Thai.

          1. so glad you liked it! Did my blog review influence you at all? :)
            I'd like to know if I make a difference sometimes or if I'm just spouting off randomly into the universe...