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Oct 23, 2012 06:52 AM

Help! One day/night in Tokyo

I am feeling very overwhelmed with how to choose restaurants in my limited 1 day in Tokyo.....for lunch we will probably be in ginza or near imperial palace open to any suggestions. I don't like touristy places though and for my one dinner I would like to do sushi....we are very big on amazing sushi but are on a budget this time around so I would like a moderately priced sushi restaurant we are staying in Shinjuku but are willing to travel for dinner. Any help would be great!

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  1. In Shinjuku, more precisely in Shinjuku Gyouenmae, there is sushi-sho Tatsuhiro Takumi (was one star in previous edition), that sushi-sho style is alternance of nigiri/tsumami(appetizer)/sashimi(not my preference), or ask for the sashimi at first then the series of Nigiri(better in my opinion)..The menu was at around 13,000.-yens for diner….  
    In Ginza, you can find sushi at all prices.. yes, in fact, under 10,000.-yens for diner, you can have some good sushi, typically nigiri only, but nicely done, with assistant to the master as old as him and speaking English. I am thinking in particualr about sushi Kozasa, in a rather dark alley bordering famous Namiki street… if you want beauty, I rather recommend sushi Taichi, set for diner is at 14000yens..   

    Marunouchi is crowded, the Tokyo Station just had an open renewal.. so walk 5-10mn, and cross the Nihonbashi Bridge, on the right side there is the Tempura Tenmatsu, lunch set are very affordable, on the counter, .. not more than 2500yens..

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      Well.. what was your budget for the sushi diner ? Perhaps, with a bit more information, I could be of more assistance.