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Oct 23, 2012 04:49 AM

What is "the top glatt kosher restaurant in the world"?

"Believe it or not, it is the top glatt kosher Restaurant in the World"

This is the claim on the receipt from the King Solomon Restaurant in Prague offering me a 10% discount the next time I dine there (I should only be lucky enough to get to Prague again) I liked the restaurant But the reason I'm sharing this claim, is the source.

What source do they cite to PROVE that this is the "best" restaurant in the world?

"Shamash Restaurant Guide"

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  1. I thought it was Kosher Delight.

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    1. Jeff's in LA. Unless ambiance counts ;)

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      1. re: SoCal Mother

        I've been to Jeff's, for those who haven't, the decorator was a follower of the glass-fronted refrigerator case school of design. Sausages and schmaltz should be distinct categories. Jeff's has great sausages. But King Solomon lays on the schmaltz; it is the only restaurant I've ever eaten in that features a life-sized statue of the Maharal of Prague.

        1. re: AdinaA

          Maybe it means top in terms of latitude? Is there a kosher restaurant further north? London and Prague are just about the same. :-)

          1. re: DeisCane

            You're so right. The top kosher restaurant would be in Manchester, Montreal or Moscow - whichever is closest to the North Pole.

            1. re: AdinaA

              According to the map function on, there is a kosher restaurant in Tallin, Estonia. That may win. It's further north than Stockholm and Edmonton. Oslo appears to only have a kosher catering, not a restaurant.

              1. re: craigcep

                Oh, well, if Shamash says so, then it must be true. Tallin has the top kosher restaurant in the world. Good to know.

                1. re: AdinaA

                  Presumably, Auckland's Greys Ave Deli would be the bottom kosher restaurant in the world, unless there's something now open in Ushuaia.

              2. re: AdinaA

                I suppose that makes Hacarmel in Amsterdam the highest kosher restaurant on earth too.

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              Re: Jeffs
              A zillion teenagers can't be wrong!

          2. Asian in Buenos Aires. It has the added advantage of making me sound like a world traveler. Seriously, the food was amazing and except for a guy trying to sell us a wine club subscription it was very nice.

            1. Last time I went to Israel I went to a place called Papagaio. For a fixed price they had unlimited meats including steaks. "Tops" in my book!


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              1. re: HaroldC

                I went once, and it was fun for the experience. But for the price they charged for all you can eat, we could have ordered a lot off the menu, had leftovers, and still probably saved money. Also, while their dishes were good, nothing was really excellent that would make me put it in the top end of kosher restaurants.

                1. re: avitrek

                  Yes, but unfortunately too many frum people equate quantity with quality.

                  1. re: queenscook

                    Agreed. I wish it were otherwise.

                    1. re: GilaB

                      I do not think it is the best glatt kosher restaurant, but it is one of a kind. Eating in a Brazilian restaurant is great fun. It is even more fun if you are with a crowd. The food is good. A good time is had by all. It certainly isn't fine dining. It is however, a different experience.
                      There are other restaurants in Jerusalem, New York and other cities that are "better". As an experience Harold C is most correct. If you have not yet experienced it, and have the chance, you should

                2. re: HaroldC

                  It sounds like fun. The way smorgasbords are fun. I can see that it would be fun to sample and compare several kinds of beef at one table. Plus, I've never eaten Brazilian food.

                  1. re: AdinaA

                    In Israel, I think you have Papagaio with multiple locations and Vaquero in Jerusalem. I have eaten at both, and I found it was more Brazilian style, with the meat on big skewers, that the waiters cut from on to your plate, rather than flavoring. The food was good, but not fine dining, and if you want plenty of meat, this works well. You have to do it once in a while, and if you're ever taking a bunch of teens or young adults out (especially male), they will love this kind of place.
                    One of the best restaurants that I have been too is Roberg on Moshav Livnim up in the Galil. Tasting menu was outstanding and they would give you more of any item that you wanted.

                    1. re: njkosher

                      I have been to Roberg several times it is by far the best Glatt restaurant. Their food is amazing and it is truly an experience.

                3. I've been to a bunch of these including Papagaio and vaquiero, as well as many restaurants in the US. The BEST kosher restaurant acc. to me and acc. to Dan from Dan's deals is Shallots Bistro in Chicago, they have won many contasts. Anything theuy make including Steaks, hamburgers, Tuna Steak, Chicken, Sushi is exceptional