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Oct 23, 2012 04:26 AM

Restaurant wedding venues

I was wondering if anyone knew of any restaurants within 45 minutes of Boston that offer receptions for 100-120 guests. Ideally, all the guests would be seated in the same room as the dance floor. I've been looking at Cafe Escadrille in Burlington, which seems like a viable option, but I can't seem to find any others like it. Parking is also a must.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. My nephew had his wedding at the Danversport Yaught Club, Danvers. My goddaughter's wedding was at the Peabody Museum Farm in Peabody. I know the Tewksbury Country Club does weddings, all have their own parking.

    Here is a thread I found with a couple of ideas also:

    Enjoy and good luck. :


    1. Had our wedding last October at Bella Luna in JP. Fantastic food, great price, tons of free parking and T accessible. Invited 150, but only 115 RSVPd. I think with food and an open bar the total didn't exceed $6k. Fantastic experience. Best day of my life.

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        Exactly the kind of recommendation I'm looking for. Thank you!

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          I went to a wedding reception at Gaslight (they exchanged vows at a nearby chiuch, don't recall the name) and it was great.

      2. Roma Restaurant -- If you have your reception at this Bradford, MA, you can get a dinner Buffet from $19.99 a person or the Roma Buffet from $25.99 a person. This venue can host up to 250 guests.
        Common Market Restaurant in Quincy - features large and small private party rooms and a wedding buffet $39 a person.

        1. Danversport Yacht Club is just your big box function center. They do have a restaurant, but I have never seen it used for a wedding.

          I am not sure where the Peabody Museum Farm is in Peabody. I know we have Smith Barn at Brooksby Farm that people love, but you need to supply everything I believe. There's the Peabody Essex Museum in Salem. They may do wedding receptions.

          Tupper Manor in Beverly at the campus of Endicott College is lovely.

          Good luck and Congrats!!

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            I think the poster must have meant the Peabody historical society farm


            is one way to go, but you'd need a caterer. these place offer the venue and do set-up/breakdown.