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Oct 23, 2012 04:08 AM

Providence w/a vegetarian and a picky eater

My wife and I are going to Providence w/a couple on Friday night for dinner, one a vegetarian and the other a strictly meat & potatoes eater. Neither are adventurous. One strange word on a menu to them, such as "parsnips" or "celeraic", and they both are out the door. My wife and I are adventurous eaters and will go anywhere. We always like the Fez, but not sure if enough options for these two. Both of these two do like fresh pasta, like Sportello in Boston, so we could go in that direction as well.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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  1. Blaze might fill the bill. They have fairly straight forward beef dishes on the menu (i.e. steak frites), plus some interesting pasta dishes, plus a vegetarian section. There is a slight southern twist to the offerings.

    1. Just curious -- someone is a vegetarian but is scared by semi-unusual vegetables? That is going to really cramp their style.

      How about Chez Pascal? They always have a veggie option.

      1. How about Cafe Nuovo? We were vegetarian for years and years. We could go to Cafe Nuovo and they would create a vegetarian dish for us, not on the menu and it was always very good. I have a meat and potato friend and he loves it there.