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Oct 23, 2012 02:06 AM

Margaritas Mexican Restaurant to open Oct. 23 in Towamencin

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  1. This could be interesting. There is a Las Margaritas on Welsh Road and in Southampton, Bucks County. This new group in the article could have a problem using the name in Langhorne and in Philadelphia and maybe in the area generally. Guess the lawyers will be the ones coming out ahead.

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      Only if they trademarked it in the state. The one in Southampton is an independent restaurant.

    2. This restaurant has been very busy since opening. 1hr+ waits on most evenings. Had a chance to visit this past weekend. Seated in the main dining room. Atmosphere is lively and colorful, with plenty of Mexican decorations. There is even a movie playing on one of the TVs showing how the various artwork was created (sculpture, paper mache, carving, etc.). That was neat because you could watch something being crafted and then look around the room and find that object hanging on the wall. Chips and salsa are complimentary. Margaritas start at approx. $8.50 with prices not actually listed on the menu. When I asked my waitress about prices, she wasn't really sure. I ordered the Chicken Chimichanga. The food is very americanized. I'm not sure why I was hoping for something more authentic, but this isn't it. The chicken had no flavor at all, despite the menu description of "seasoned chicken and cheese rolled in a flour tortilla". The "mild red chile sauce" accompanying it was similarly bland. Also comes with black beans and rice, which were nothing special. The highlight of the meal was the fried ice cream dessert. The waitstaff was competant and it was a pleasant dining experience for what it is. I would definitely go back, but adjust my expectations accordingly.

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        Your comments have adjusted my expectations which had been raised by reading there website. I suppose it is counter intuitive to believe that two guys from New England would excel in producing Mexican style food. I like Tex-Mex and Americanized Mexican well enough IF it is the good stuff! One chain which I always enjoy , omnipresent in CA, is Chevy's :I believe there was one in South Jersey and one near Princeton. Perhaps with this new Margaritas franchise it is just startup problems.

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          I am not sure of the status of the chevy's chain. I thought they had filed for reorganization a while ago. Yelp lists the princeton branch as closed. I agree they were not bad and certainly better than some of the worse chain examples of that food, places like chichis and on the border.

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          I haven't been in awhile SnowCat but the beef Chimichangas at El Cactus in souderton are very tasty. Be sure to order them hot or they will omit the guac topping. The menu has lots of other offerings, including tortilla soup and flan but for an entree I simply can't get past the Chimichangas. They do party platters too. I hope they are still open. Some tortilla soup sounds like just the thing on a day like today. And they are byob.

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            I love El Cactus in Souderton!! And I do order the Chimichangas almost every time I'm there! They are definitely still open.

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              Thanks Snowcat! I so have to get back there really really soon.

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                Have read two good reviews about a new place in Horsham - Taqueria del Sol - check reviews on separate post.

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                  Thanks curly I've been following that thread. Problem is el cactus is closer. But I will get down there.

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                    GMC, SC, GC, great tips always looking to good Mexican when motoring about. Had seen Taqueria somewhere before so googled them and yes it is sort of Baja Fresh Mexican Fast Food out of Atlanta. Not bad when in a Mexican food fever and having no need for the south of the boarder decor or mariachi music! I believe I was through Souderton on the way to god knows where! Have to charge up the navigation system El Cactus sound interesting.

          2. My husband and I had dinner at Margaritas two nights ago and were not impressed. We have nothing against Americanized Mexican but they do an adequate job of it at best. The chips and salsa were okay, though chips are nothing special. (I'm in love with the fresh, hot, homemade taste of the chips at On the Border). These chips were more similar to Tostitos. We ordered Queso which we love but there's had a strange, grainy texture to it - and a strange color. My husband got a sampler plate with a taco (he said it was on par with Taco Bell) a chicken burrito (he didn't care for at all) and a Cheese Enchilada (the best of the bunch - but as he said, it's cheese rolled in a tortilla with some sauce on it). I had the Chicken Chimi and as a previous poster said, wasn't impressed. It was bland and the outside was soggy.

            We might head back if we're seriously craving some mediocre Tex Mex and don't feel like a long drive but otherwise won't be hurrying back.