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Octopus, downtown LA

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After seeing some positive write-ups in the usual spots, we popped into Octopus downtown for some inexpensive Japanese cuisine, an experience which ended up proving two time-honoured maxims:

1) You can't believe everything you read, and

2) You get what you pay for.

Food quality was passable. Introductory miso soup was hearty and promising. Tempura vegetables were decent. Sushi was somewhat disappointing, however, as it seemed the fish had logged some serious freezer time. Chef did nice takes on spicy tuna roll and more exotic creations, so lovers of these may find enjoyment here. For the nigiri or sashimi aficionado, though, I'd recommend eating elsewhere.

Service was pleasant but distracted; we were asked to wait several minutes for a vacancy despite numerous open tables, and you get the feeling the staff is too hip to be there.

Anybody have better luck here? Did we order the wrong things?

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  1. This place is total crap. Passable is kind.