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Oct 22, 2012 10:47 PM

Fresh Hand-cut Udon Noodles at Kaka Udon Kitchen, SF - who's tried it?

I walked by & took a pic of the place: Kaka Udon Kitchen suppose to have fresh hand-cut udon noodles, sushi, tempura. Read on Yelp it's Chinese-owned. Anyone try it yet? It's been open for a while, but still had a Grand Opening sign outside.

Kaka Udon Kitchen
1535 Franklin at Pine, SF
Daily: 11am-12AM open Late!

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  1. i've been twice using the yelp deal (buy $7 for $14 value) which doesn't appear to be available any longer. the food was alright but found it somewhat inconsistent and pricey (if it were not for the yelp deal). on my first trip, the udon was a bit too limp and didn't have enough bite, but on my second time there, it had great chew. i like the curry udon the best. the fried kakiage (veggie and seafood versions) were nothing to write home about - i would avoid. lots of batter but not much in substance or flavor. friends enjoyed the eel avocado hand roll and it seemed reasonably priced. overall a good neighborhood spot but i wouldn't go out of my way to dine there. my favorite udon (and oyakodon) spot is still gombei in menlo park. i wish there were similar renditions in the city!