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Oct 22, 2012 07:08 PM

Dinner and bed in or around Brive-le-Gaillarde?

I'm looking for a chambre d'hote or auberge or, all else failing, small hotel in or near Brive for an August one night stand. In a perfect world, it would be a country chambre d'hote with soulful table d'hote. Have Googled and found a few that aren't exciting, and have read about Le Chapon Fin on Chow. Any personal experiences that fill the bill? Many thanks.

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  1. Have stayed recently in Le Manoir de Laumeuil in St Pantaleon De Larche, a suburb of Brive and would willingly stay there again. The owners are a relaxed French speaking British couple who bring their own very comfortable style -if the set dinner doesn't appeal they'll book somewhere in town for you.

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      Thanks, Kerriar. Will check it out. And special thanks for including the link.

    2. Can't recommend chambre d'hotes - we live near Brive, and so dont need to sleep there! However, 2 restaurant recommedations.
      Chez Francis - quirky room, with walls signed by various French writers/artists (there is a big Salon du LIvre every year in Brive, and many come to Chez Francis. ) Great food, good welcome.

      New, but highly recommended by our friends. We'll be trying later in the week. Bistrot Chambon. The family is well known in the area, with Daniel formerly in charge of Le Pont de l'Ouysse in La Cave, a Michelin one star restaurant. He has left that to the kids to run, and opened this little bistro in Brive. They dont yet have their own web site (Although looking at it, I'm not sure they are open for dinner.)