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Oct 22, 2012 06:50 PM

Visiting Seattle / Redmond for a week. Must eat places or foods to try?

I'm visiting the Seattle area for a week and I love to try new places. Looking for places to eat (any style / all prices) that are must try places. Are there any staples foods for the area that must be tried?

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  1. Your question is so open-ended that it is hard to know where to start. It would be helpful if you would spend some time first reading the threads here to get the wealth of information already on the Seattle board, and then let us know some specific objectives, neighborhoods, etc.

    The Pacific Northwest is known for great seafood, but not for any sharply defined regional cuisine or (other than our local seafood) unique "staples." But there is a lot of great cooking here, and if you do some initial research and then ask some slightly more informed questions about the options, we'll gladly help you dial in some choices.

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      Ditto; also, whether you are in Redmond or Seattle makes a difference--you aren't going to want to fight rush hour traffic over the 520 brdge between the two. Redmond (and adjacent Bellevue) has a lot of good ethnic food--be sure to search the board for info about these two cities.

      1. re: christy319

        Where are you staying and where are you working, so we can tell you where to get Dungeness crab and salmon.

        1. re: mrnelso

          I will be near the MS Campus during the week and then in the Seattle area over the weekend.

        2. re: christy319

          I will be in both areas. Redmond during the week and then Seattle during the weekend.

        3. re: Gizmo56

          Alright thanks. I will check over the board more closely and see what it offers me. I know that seafood is a big item that I want to eat while there.

          1. re: Matronix

            Get your seafood fix mostly downtown. My favorite is Blueacre ( ). The same chef-owner also operates Steehead Diner in the Pike Place Market. Adjacent to the market on Western Avenue is Etta's, Tom Douglas's seafood restaurant. All are very good.

            If you want to try a jaunt out of downtown to a north end neighborhood, Walrus & The Carpenter ( ) in Ballard is a favorite for local shellfish. Arrive just before opening or prepare for a lengthy wait.

            If you want seafood one night on the east side, visit the Bellevue location of Seastar ( ).