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Oct 22, 2012 06:45 PM

Thanksgiving Dinner - Picking a spot!

My immediate family is coming to visit over Thanksgiving this year - the first year ever we are not having Thanksgiving dinner as a larger family at my parents home in the midwest. Since there will only be three of us, I thought we'd go to a restaurant. I am open to ideas both traditional and non-traditional (we're not turkey lovers) - and want to go somewhere with a great atmosphere. I am toying with a variety of options covering all different types of restaurants - from The Mark to Strip House to Bobo to Craft to Jojo. Any thoughts?

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  1. Given you've got out-of-towners in tow, why not someplace with a view like The Water Club? BTW, virtually all Christmas Prix Fixe menus include meat, vegetarian, pasta sorts of options as well as the ubiquitous turkey. You might cruise Open Table for ideas and then check to see whether the holiday menus are posted yet - usually on the restaurant's own website. I notice that a lot of the sites aren't up to date even though the restaurant will be open for the holidays. In that case, you'll
    need to call for the menu. If the Xmas menu isn't "done yet", you can assume it will be almost
    identical to the T'day menu. And in most cases there won't be an a la carte menu available that day - usually 3 to 4 seatings available.