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Oct 22, 2012 05:42 PM

Chris Rochelle - Grilled Cheese Sandwiche Recipes - Bread Recipes?

Would anyone know how I could ask Chris Rochelle to tell us the breads that are used in the Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipes and the recipes for them?

They look too good to be store bought and I have a feeling that they will make the sandwiches heavenly!

Many Thanks!

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  1. I don't know who Chris Rochelle is!!!

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    1. Post your question for CHOW on Site Talk. Chris is also the photographer, recipes could be from a host of CH's...I saw Aida's name attributed too.

      Excellent question!

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      1. Hi cabinsink, I Used Acme Bread sour dough and a mixed grain (rye?). I don't know where you live but you can get their bread here in SF! Thanks for noticing the bread. The first time I shot these sandwiches i did use less photogenic bread and ended up re-shooting because of that! It was a fun project though I gained a few pounds..

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        1. re: helmut fig newton

          Hi helmut fig newton (love the name - what is the meaning behind it?)!

          Thank you so much for the help! We live in WI so I will have to see what alternatives I can come up with but those sandwiches had my mouth watering!

          You called it right to re-shoot - the look of deliciousness comes through with the whole not just the parts. Looking forward to checking out your other recipes too! Thank you for sharing!