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Oct 22, 2012 05:38 PM

LA Hound in town for a short visit

My wife and I will be in Phoenix for a few days, staying at the Arizona Grand Resort. We will have a car. I'm looking for dinner and brunch recommendations (up to 3 dinners and one breakfast/brunch). For one of the dinners we might have a group of up to 8 people, while all other meals would just be the two of us. Fine dining, or just good local places all OK. We arrive on 11/1 and leave on 11/3 or 4.

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  1. Quiessence

    For brunch, I would recommend Wright's

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      for brunch breakfast i like Dick's Hideaway (not Richardson's same menu but the cooking is better at Dick's) or Daily Dose

    2. Noca, Kai, Binkleys, Italian Restaurant. I'd do Noca with the group.
      I'd make Pizzeria Bianco a must visit, whether as a snack or a full meal.

      For Brunch, Davanti Enoteca.

      1. Considering your location, my two recs. would be Kai (very up-scale), and Cork (much more "relaxed").

        Enjoy, and travel safely,


        1. Thanks for the advice. Our group of 8 enjoyed NOCA on Friday night. Good
          food, if a somewhat limited menu. Attractively priced wine list, though as
          is often the case with me, my first choice turned out to be too good to be
          true and they couldn't find any of the Rosso in the back. Also got to
          Pizzeria Biancho on my own late Thursday evening, and it was outstanding.
          And breakfast at Dick's Hideaway on the way out of town on Saturday was
          excellent. The green chile stew and eggs tested even my high tolerance for

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            1. re: smgradman

              Glad that you enjoyed NOCA. We are remiss, in not having been back, since Chef Taylor departed, but hope to rectify that, in Nov, as we are now in town for the rest of the month.

              I also often make wine choices, that are no longer available. As they have few of the "usual suspects," I think that they tout some of their most interesting wines, so they do run out. Recently, while dining at Blackberry Farm, our sommelier commented, "we no longer recommend the '05 Montrachets, as we know that some of our patrons, such as yourself, really appreciate that vintage. We do not want to suggest wines, that might not be noticed by other patrons, and are saving what we have left, just for you... " Eliot puts together a very nice little wine list, and we greatly enjoy it, as he almost always has something that is new to us. Hey, who wants to always drink wines, that they have in their cellar, when dining out? I know that I do not.



              1. re: Bill Hunt

                Out here in L.A. we take corkage for granted, though it does get a little expensive at many places. While I like to try new wine, I also have a preference for older wines, and very very few restaurants can afford to age the wines in their cellar. So I almost always bring my own to dinner when I'm at home.

                1. re: smgradman

                  In AZ, there are some restrictive regulations on BYOW. It comes down to the number of chairs at tables, etc.

                  While I have about 9K bottles in my cellar, I love a good wine list, that is paired with the cuisine, and especially if the chef and sommelier have really worked on the list.

                  For me, unless it is a very special bottle, I seldom even bother, but that is just me.

                  I am always open to new wines, from new Regions, or new producers, and seldom pass on a "Sommelier's Pairing" with a "Chef's Tasting." I always want a new experience.